Put the How-to in DIY

Hello Dabblers,

Do you watch those home shows and would love to do some of those amazing renovations but you don’t know the difference between a skill saw and a waffle iron?

Do you have a friend or relative with an amazing green thumb and secretly envy her?

Have you dreamed of having a few chickens clucking in your back yard but it sounds intimidating? In short, would you do more for yourself around your home if you just knew how?

Hi, I’m Kevin Elliott, and I’m a HomeDabbler. I do all (well, most) of my own repair and renovation work. In fact, I did it professionally for more than a decade. I’ve also been an avid gardener and chicken raiser for over 15 years. I love dabbling around my yard, making it my own, and watching it produce more for my family than just turf grass.

I think in this world of tech overload, unreasonable schedules, and poor diet, people are yearning to re-connect with what their grandparents knew – that learning a few home skills, growing a small garden, maybe even raising a chicken or two, is not only a cheap, healthy way to spend your time, it’s also good for your soul.

Over the years, I’ve learned a ton that I think can inspire and help you love dabbling around your home too. I created HomeDabbler to be a place of empowerment and learning. I’d like to share what I know with you, and learn from you as well.

So c’mon, let’s dabble.